French Classic Recipes for Flexitarians. Workshop with BASIC products. / 19.08.2019

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Inspiring workshop on BASIC products by herba cuisine with the focus on vegetables, less meat and fish.

Workshop program

Our cook Alexander Joseph makes out of vegetables the highlight of the French cuisine. He demonstrates how delicious, creative and modern it can be. Experience the recipes proving that less meat and fish doesn’t mean less pleasure. And this all is without any soy products. You will get a good insight why it is worth to use high-quality, renewable resources and how to work with less regarded parts of animals. Many ideas, tips and practical applications explain why vegetarian and vegan dishes become increasingly popular. The application of our BASIC products like BASIC dry, the dry texturizer for soups and sauces, guarantees perfect results.

Look forward for:

  • Fennel Orange Salad with anise foam and a sea bass
  • Clear broth of savoy with vegetable pearls and rabbit
  • “Coeur de Boeuf” with Beefsteak tomato and a beef heart
  • Vegan “White Mousse au Chocolate”

Depending on the season the recipes could be changed. 


In this one day workshop you will learn:

  • Competent handling of texturizing cold or warm soups and sauces
  • emulsifying without egg and mustard for dressings and dips
  • Texturizing foams using the espuma siphon, temperature independent and fast


64 € per person excl. VAT

Included are:

  • 1x 1.5 kg BASIC textur
  • 1x 250 ml BASIC sweet
  • 1x 250 ml BASIC color
  • BASIC textur apron
  • + Certificate of participation



Showküche herba cuisine
Mielestraße 1
14542 Werder (Havel)


Registration deadline: Monday, 12.08.2019
- Max. 25 participants -

From 12 participants there is a possibility for individual arranged trainings also at your location.

On 19.08.2019 (10:00 am- 03:00 pm)

Werder (Havel), Germany


If you are interested please send an e-mail to


I look forward to welcome you! 


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