BASIC textur

What are the ingredients of BASIC textur?

BASIC textur is composed of water and citrus fibre.

Do you use conventional or organic citrus fruits to manufacture BASIC textur?

To manufacture BASIC textur conventional citrus fruits that are gently dried after extracting the juice and oils are used. The suppliers of the raw materials (citrus peels) are carefully selected according to our strict quality criterias (including the requirements of the use of pestizides).

The product complies with the regulation (EG) No. 1881/2006 in its current version setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs (ABl. L 364/5), as well as regulation (EG) No. 396/2005 in its current version on maximum residue levels of pesticides in or on food and feed of plant and animal origin and amending directive 91/414/EWG (ABl. L 70/1).

Is BASIC textur gluten free?

Yes, BASIC textur does not contain cereals with gluten. It is composed of water and citrus fibres only and is gluten-free by nature. We do not process grain-based raw materials or thereof products in our manufacture´that any contact with gluten can be excluded.

Is BASIC textur suitable for vegan cuisine?

Yes, BASIC textur is composed of water and citrus fibre only and is not an animal product by nature.

Does BASIC textur contain allergenes?

BASIC textur does not contain allergenes according to LMIV.


BASIC sweet

Could you please provide a dosage convertor for BASIC sweet in sugar?

To convert BASIc sweet to sugar you need to know the dry matter of both materials.

Sugar crystalline = 100°Bx
BASIC sweet = 70°Bx

This results:

To achieve the (approximate) sweetness of 100 g crystalline sugar with BASIC sweet you need to multiply 100 g with the factor 1,3 which is 130 g.

To achieve the (approximate) sweetnes of 100 g BASIC sweet with crystalline sugar you need to multiply 100 g with the factor 0,7 which is 70 g.

The annotation "approximate" sweetness refers to the different types of sugar and their unequal sweetening character.

BASIC sweet: Fructose, Glucose, Sorbitol
Sugar crystalline: Sucrose

We suggest to use pure sugar syrup for the recipes (500 g water + 500 g sugar, let cook for 6 minutes). This gives you a sugar syrup with a dry matter content almost equivalent to BASIC sweet. The so-produced sugar syrup you can use to replace BASIC sweet in equal amounts to the recipe. If you would use crystalline sugar instead you would have to calculate and compensate the missing volume with water each time.

Storage / durability

What is the shelf-life of BASIC textur?

The shelf-life of the sealed package BASIC textur is at least 6 months if stored at room temperature. After opening BASIC textur needs to be refrigerated and used within a few days.

According to the food law a few days are 3 to 5 days. Responsible handling (clean spoon, washed with clear water, sealed and stored cooled right after opening and so on) you might be able to extend this time frame.

Is it possible to extend the shelf-life through freezing?

By simply portioning and freezing the shelf-life of the once opened unit of BASIC textur can be extended.

Alternatively you can vaccume pack the fresh product. This way you can keep BASIC textur up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Where do I store BASIC textur best?

Hygiena and storage place have a crucially important effect on the shelf-life of BASIC textur. Here are a few tipps how to store BASIC textur:

  • After opening remove the sealing foil completely, close well using the lid and store at 3 - 5°C in the refrigerator.
  • Please do not keep in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator nor close to vegetables and mould cheeses.
  • Always use a clean, cold spoon for product removal.

For an extended handling after opening it is helpful to keep the remeining product vacuum-packed or frozen.


Will the functionality of BASIC textur be affected by freezing?

BASIC textur can be frozen up to 12 months without any affects on its functionality. The shelf-life of BASIC textur can be extended through freezing. It is important to portion with care. Before using allow to defrost BASIC textur totally. The freezing procedure does not affect the functionality of BASIC textur.

What causes the decay?

BASIC textur is microbiological sterile, which means there are no microorganism in the texturizer itself. Microorganism are found while handling in the kitchen, in the air or on the spoon for example. Therefore we recommend to portion remains to smaller containers and freeze.                                  


Do you have a basic formula?

The dosage strongly depends on the application and the desired results. The basic formula is 20 % of BASIC textur, that means 200 g BASIC textur for 1 liter liquids.

Do you have a few tips for the correct dosage of BASIC textur in its different applications?

We gladly like to give you dosage recommandations for different fields of applications. Although each applicant decides "the right dosage" for his recipes and taste themselves.

  • Ice cream/Sorbet: 3 – 15 %                  
  • Emulsions: 15 – 37 %                                    
  • Sauce Hollandaise: 15 – 25 %      
  • Foams: 15 – 25 %                  
  • Sauces: 15 – 25 %     
  • Soups: 15 – 25 %
  • Farcen: 3 - 30 %

The dosage mainly depends on the used raw materials and the thereby given viscosity.The higher the water content, the more BASIC textur will be needed. The higher the fat content, the less BASIC textur will be needed. Furthermore the desired stability it is important, e.g. a higher dosage is necessary to ensure a longer service life.

Is it true that you simply stir in BASIC textur and you are done, especially in cold applications?

Yes, the handling of BASIC textur is truely simple like that!

Is it possible to prepare my recipe on the previous day?

In general, every recipe with BASIC textur can already be prepared on the previous day.

If the product is filled in a siphon and put under pressure through cream chargers it is possible to store it refrigerated for at least 3 days without any loss of quality. Even longer periods should not be problem. Finally, the product has been put under pressure using nitrous oxide in a closed container, which the durability definitively benefits from.

It furthermore has the advantage that the pressure is spread evenly and an optimum result will be achieved when using the foam.

After portioning the foam keeps for about 2 hours, with or without cooling.


Can I use oat or soy milk with BASIC textur?

Of course you can use BASIC textur with oat or soy milk. For better results we recommend to increase the amount of BASIC textur to 25 % due to the lower force on impact and stability of oat or soy milk compared to cream.

BASIC textur is a purely plant-based, paste-like, taste and color neutral texturizer, composed of water and citrus fiber. BASIC textur is versatile applicable and convinces by its easy handling in all daily application areas of every cuisine.


The results with BASIC dry dark are porridge-like. Has it anything to do with the dosage?

With the recommended dosage of 20 g per liter dark sauce, the sauce seems to flow very thinly. The result is nearly identical with a dosage of 30 g per liter.

We assume that the salt content of the sauce base as well as the already short-chained texturisation due to the fibres cause this effect.This does not change within a long service time (in our trial after 8 hours at 82 °C). However, after using a blender, the fibres will be activated and develop their full texturizing powers and the porridge-like behavior appears due to an over dosage.

Therefore, we recommend texturizing the liquid first and then adding salt. Alternatively, use 20 g per liter and mix with a blender.

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