The idea of lightness
BASIC textur is a purely plant-based texturizer composed of water and citrus fibres.
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Every application benefits from the outstanding features of BASIC textur due to its multi-functional field of possibilities.
BASIC textur is versatile in usage, preserves the natural taste of ingredients and convinces by its easy handling.
Fields of applications

Citrus fruits are gently dried after extracting the juice and oils. Citrus fibres from the inner white layer (also known as albedo) and water are the ingredients of BASIC textur. BASIC textur is resistant to acids and alcohol, amylase resistant, enriched with dietary fibres, low in calories, contains no additives, free of allergens and free of gluten, neutral in taste and can be versatily applied between -25°C and +220°C. Features that go especially well with soup and sauce applications and make your everyday work easier.

The ideal texture, a reduction of fat and the replacement of ingredients that are high in calories such as flour, starch or other thickeners is our commitment to a modern nutrition. The preparations are calorie-reduced, lighter and healthier without any loss of aroma or taste.
We intentionally want to change kitchen processes. Production using fresh ingredients with shorter preparation times meets the requirements of the chef by using fresh produce on one hand and the requirements of the customer on a healthy nutrition that is rich in vitamins on the other.
Our team of chefs and food technologists has made it their responsibility to use the properties of citrus fibres keeping these requirements in mind. Valuable raw material has gone through different levels of research and development.

The result is a purely plant-based, texturizing basic product with high nutritional value. It perfectly combines tradition and technologies of cooking with the demands on a modern cuisine and defines textur in a completely new way.
It is our intention to bring the easy handling to all kitchens and to all their daily applications. Based on our new basic component we can re-interpret every style of cuisine with a modern lightness.


  • plant-based, vegan food (composed of water and citrus fibre only)
  • calorie reducing
  • free from additives
  • allergen free according to LMIV

  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • E-number free
  • GMO free
  • successful results
  • fast
  • easy handling
  • can be used warm and cold
  • modified melting behavior for frozen applications
  • light texture
  • high stability
  • natural mouthfeel
  • is suitable for savoury and sweet applications
  • alcohol-stable up to 20% vol. within the complete recipe
  • acid resistant
  • amylase resistant
  • emulsions without egg or mustard possible
  • colour, taste and ingredients are preserved
  • reduces food burns (depending on the recipe)
  • reduces skin formation
  • immediately giving consistency without subsequent absorption
  • not necessary to bring to a boil, but possible
  • taste-neutral
  • versatile range of applications
  • increases the content of dietary fibres of recipes


Stir BASIC textur into your hot or cold sauce immediately giving consistency with no subsequent absorbtion. BASIC textur allows you to reduce calories significantly. With BASIC textur you can emulsify and heat high-quality oils and fats.

Recommended quantity
15 – 25 % BASIC textur

  • mix or stir
  • can be emulsified
  • calorie-reduced
  • no skin-forming when reheated


brochure "sauces & soups"

Sossen mit BASIC textur
Practical film - Soups with BASIC textur


BASIC textur is ideal for giving soups a natural consistency. BASIC textur enhances the mouthfeel and provides an especiaslly light texture. By adding BASIC textur you can prepare soup foams very easily using an espuma siphon. It is not necessary to add any flour, starch or dairy products.

Recommended quantity
10 – 20 % BASIC textur

  • stir or mix and heat or cool as required
  • colour/taste/ingredients are preserved
  • less sticking to the pan and less skin forming


brochure "sauces and soups"

Suppen BASIC textur
Practical film - Soups with BASIC textur


Thanks to BASIC textur dressings cling better to salads and dressed salads stay fresh longer. Prevent the incorporation of air by leaving the stick blender at the bottom of the measuring jug. You can keep your dressing fresh longer by vacuum-packing it or bringing it to a boil. You can also stabilize your chutneys, pestos and dips by adding BASIC textur.

Recommended quantity
15 – 25 % BASIC textur

  • for preparing salad creams/dressings without egg or mustard
  • high malleability

Sauce Hollandaise

To achieve any variation of the classic Sauce Hollandaise, such as Sauce Bernaise or Sauce Maltaise, simply adjust the basic recipe by adding other aromatics. The sauce can be cooked au gratin. Using an espuma siphon, 1kg will provide a volume of approx. 2.8l.

Recommended quantity
15 – 25 % BASIC textur

  • mix all ingredients beside the egg-yolk (warm the butter beforehand), add the egg-yolk and mix again, froth up using an espuma siphon
  • fat-reduced
  • creamy mouthfeel
Sauce Hollondaise
Practical film - Soups with BASIC textur


Prepare your basis foams in advance and vacuum-pack them. The foams can be refined as required using BASIC textur to produce savoury and sweet as well as hot and cold foams. The foams are alcohol-stable up to 20% vol.

Recommended quantity
15 – 25 % BASIC textur

  • all in: mix all ingredients, strain, froth up using an espuma siphon
  • light texture
  • high stability
  • natural mouthfeel


brochure "Espumas"

Ice cream/Sorbets

Use BASIC textur for emulsifier-free ice cream and sorbet mixtures. Be creative and caramelize or brown the top of your ice cream thanks to the delayed melting behaviour. Why not serve a savoury ice cream or sorbet with the soup, e.g. raosted bell pepper ice cream or wasabi herbs (wasabi arugula) sorbet.

Recommended quantity
3 - 15 % BASIC textur

  • all in: mix all ingredients, pour into an ice cream machine/Pacojet beaker
  • delayed melting behaviour
  • no eggs required
  • high creaminess

» brochure "ice cream & sorbets"

Eis Sorbets
BASIC textur in ice cream, sorbet and parfait


Patties or meatballs obtain a unique, light texture with BASIC textur. Due to its emulsifying, moisturizing features farce have a smoother surface and show a fresher appearance for a longer time. BASIC textur increases the juiciness of pure beef burgers, even with less fat.

Recommended quantity
5 – 30 % BASIC textur

Burger Patty
5% BASIC textur in exchange for meat, knead in for at least 5 minutes


  • long-lasting juiciness
  • lower total energy value
  • fat reduction

Bratwurst, traditional German sausage
15% BASIC textur in exchnage for 15% fat or fatty meat, directly cutter together


  • better consistency
  • more stable emulsions
  • fat reduction

Liver sausage
30% BASIC textur in exchange for 20% meat, cutter directly with the cooked meat


  • optimized spreading quality
  • more stable emulions
  • fat reduction
Farcen mit BASIC textur

This short film shows the versatile and easy application of BASIC textur.